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"Say Gooodbye to albums and invidual photographs and say hello to photobooks .Super Foto photobooks that lasts for ever!"

Baby's growing up years, my weekend travel with family, the jungle experience, Europe trip, Memorable honeymoon.

Photo Book Types

  • Non-Tearable

    Non Tearable albums are plastic coated sheets ensuring long life and not tearable with hand especially if some tries deliberately or even by mistake. And with Glossy finish, even if liquid is spilled on the album, it can be easily wiped ensuring durability.

  • Tearable

    The only difference is the possibility of tearing by mistake else from a quality point of view it is the same as non tearable and this also comes with all types of finish like glossy, silk matt, velvet.

  • Metallic

    This unique sheet comes in gold and silver giving your photographic prints metallic apperance.

  • Photobook Sizes

    Type Size
    Square 6*6
    Landscape 6*9
    Portraits 11* 8.5

Paper & Sheet Types

Photo Cover

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